counterfeit - fake - copied - whatever you call it, here are some of the direct dangers of using it

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some of the dangers with counterfeit software.....

Living in the Asia-Pacific Region, it’s far too easy to end up with counterfeit software installed our computers. From a mates mate at home, to the ‘professional’ shop you visited on holiday in Bali Bangkok or Cebu, its dead easy to end up with something very nasty on the cheap.

Let’s get one thing clearly out of the way first: we DON’T work for any software manufacturers or sellers!  In fact, we positively encourage the use of free-to-use genuine and open-source software (see our browser & security page by clicking – here).

From time to time we run lab-tests on the latest cracked versions of Windows and all-in-one computer-shop set up disks acquired by our team members in Bangkok and Manila. This document sets out the general pit falls of such software and as time permits we will publish our findings of specific counterfeit purchases going forward.
First, some general guidance.

  1. If you don’t get a genuine Windows 7 licence key, IT’S FAKE!

  2. Counterfeit, all-in-one ‘professional’ computer shop installation disks are GUARANTEED to install viruses on your system.

  3. If you’ve got NOD 32 antivirus installed on your computer with an almost indefinite licence, its CRAKED and HACKED not to pick up those pre-installed viruses in (2) above.

Pull no punches

The simple fact is, the counterfeiting, faking and cracking of software mainly comes from Russia and China. It’s posted online and downloaded via file sharing torrents for free. These shady characters build in a rather nasty end-user cost. They burry viruses and malware deep into these software installations. This often includes KEY-LOGGERS ( )and BOTNETs ( ). So your mate or the ‘professional’ shop that did your new software rebuild nice and cheap has just loaded you up with some rather nasty problems.

Doesn’t my anti-virus deal with it?

Basically, NO. If NOD 32 was installed with an almost never ending licence it’s guaranteed not to find any pre-installed viruses. A good suite of the best free antivirus and anti-malware programs (click here) MAY detect part of the problem but rarely all. Even using the current best-of-class paid for programs (Zone Alarm Extreme Security, Kaspersky Internet Security) isn’t guaranteed insurance against preinstalled viruses.

Cops and Robbers

In the old days, about 6 or 7 years ago, viruses and malware were built by enthusiasts with a twisted sense of fun. They probably couldn’t play football too well. So they sat in their bedrooms distorting lines of code and writing nasty little programs just for the fun of messing people up. Their unwitting team coach a likely target.

These days it’s all rather sinister. It’s now full blown crime. Right from rogue governments hacking into another states power system to counterfeit software providers collecting our banking, identity and email passwords.

Why don’t Microsoft deal with it?

If Microsoft were a charity organisation, rather nice socialists or a non-profit organisation then I guess they’d help us all out for free. However, being capitalists, they’re only interested in doing what is necessary to make them money. This includes protecting their paid-for copies of Windows from malicious attack caused by counterfeit copies in use on other computers. That’s the real reason why they launched ‘Windows Defender ‘ and followed it up with ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’. What these programs do is in the name: they PROTECT WINDOWS! Microsoft are fundamentally using these programs to save themselves from a lot of unnecessary work. They are protecting themselves from Botnets, Worms and other executable malware which damages their operating systems.

So what’s next?

You could try a free alternative to Windows like Ubuntu. Ubuntu (click here) is Linux based, incredibly stable and because it’s in a niche market, it virtually never suffers from malware. Alternatively, check this page every once in a while for updates and the results of our lab tests.

If you really must use counterfeit software, DON’T ever do online banking, NEVER enter passwords and DON’T use email accounts that contain sensitive or personal information.