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What our clients say about us.....



Homeward Bound Removals:
(from 2011)

Our business is a family owned & operated furniture removal business based in Perth WA. We engaged the services of Cyber Ace Designs to design & develop our replacement website catering for our business changing needs. During the whole process we found them to be very professional at all times. Their monitoring of our website was fantastic & they provided prompt reporting. Seeing we are not technically minded at all, Cyber Ace Designs were wonderful & very patient with us in dealing with our requirements. Our website always has a first page Google listings in our key markets. When it comes time to modify our website, Ace & Cyber Ace Designs will be the only company we will call upon to assist us.

Des & Rebecca (Rockingham WA) –,

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Max Norwegian Restaurant & The Indian Hut Restaurant:
(from 2011)

Following on from the success of our 2010 Booking Office project we came back to Cyber Ace Designs for our Max Norwegian Restaurant and the Indian Hut Restaurant webpages. Another lovely unique design and we are always no.1 on Google when people search for our restaurants in Cha-Am.

Gunnar Syversen (Hønefoss Norway)  –

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Cha-Am Booking Office:
(from 2010)

I'm very happy to be referred to Cyber Ace Designs for my 2010 website upgrade. We met over some beers to discuss my needs and they went away and crafted a lovely new site. I worked for many years in typo-graphic design so I was very happy to receive such a lovely piece of work from them. I can highly recommend these people to anyone.

Gunnar Syversen (Hønefoss Norway) –

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Carrymore Trailers Ltd:
(from 2007)

Look, I'd just bought the company in 2007 and fancied a website would be a good investment for the business. These fellas understood my business like it was their own. The website doubles up as a brochure making tool too, kinda useful with my agents all over the country and in Thailand. The sites 100% reliable and always up there in Google when people search for my trailers.

John Brewer (Fremantle WA; Chokchai Thailand) –

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D.S. Company Ltd:
(from 2006)

When we set up DS Company Ltd I wanted someone to build & maintain a website with the minimum of fuss and make a yearly catalog. Six years into our relationship and I have the largest property business in the beach resort of Cha-Am Thailand. It's good to deal with web-design people who have such a strong real-life business background. I just call-conference or email with my ideas and they do the rest; I can get on with selling and renting houses.

Ove Dahlen (Kristiansund Norway) -

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