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Hosting and servers: the facts...

Deciding the right hosting server can be what makes or breaks your website!

Its essential to get a reliable host with a genuine 99.9% up-time and good page loading
speeds where your customers are based. Thats why we don't use a single system.

We choose the best cost/performance/location option for your business from our
servers in: Germany, the UK and USA.

Our hosting services range from traditional 'shared servers' (smaller sites) to 'dedicated servers'
(large sites) and 'cloud hosting' for those who need something extra-special.

Our systems have been tried and tested over a number of years with proven dependability whilst constantly evolving our server platform to take advantage of new technologies as they arise.

To further increase reliability, we only host our own web-clients. This gives us control over the quality of content that we put on our servers to mutual benefit of all our clients.

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