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Too many website designers get carried away with form & forget about function: fancy menus & pop-ups that only work with Microsoft ActiveX; gadgets, moving images & menus using Adobe Flash; pictures & documents so big you need a hyper-speed internet connection to display them.

All of these issues can be a real problem for alot of your customers. Many people simply don't understand what the yellow 'ActiveX' bar at the top of Internet Explorer is all about (assuming they actually see it). Apple mobile devices can't run Adobe Flash. Google Chrome quietly blocks pop-ups. The current generation of anti-virus & anti-malware suites block anything thats slightly abnormal.

How many times have you sat and waited for a webpage to load, given up and went somewhere else? How many times have you had to reload a page because it didn't load fully the first time?

You want a website to get some new customers and expand your business, right?

Put simply, the harder the server, internet connection, your customer and his computer have to work to display your webpages the less chance you have to do business with them! We make sure it works first & we're used to clients who like that. Your budget is used in a business like manner delivering what you want, not what we think you should have to bloat the fee.

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