We review the good and bad of generic and specific email types. Googlemail Hotmail Yahoo!mail VS your own named email. A detailed look into the pros and cons

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Email-your choice.

Conventional wisdom says you should have your own email address associated with your
domain name, e.g. office@cyberacedesigns.com, for us. Lets look at this wisdom and explore
the advantages of both methods of email available.
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Google-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo-mail etc

*Accessible from any computer device, anywhere and by all authorized users.
*Less chance of email based virus attacks as emails are not downloaded to your local machine.
*Fully independent. If your web-host becomes unreliable, your email still works fine.
*Better control over spam management and the effects from a malitious spam attack.


*Professional looking email address thats easily associated with your business domain name.
*Larger file size uploads to email out to your contacts.

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