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Web Site Development. A holistic approach

Domain name & hosting: we can, provide a reliable server to host it on & do all necessary server maintenance.

Themes & Site architecture: People need a way to identify with your website. This is normally taken directly from your existing business stationary & marketing material but we can also build it from scratch too. All sites need a page design, layout, frame-works and site mapping. Like buildings in the real world, form & function are key components in the virtual world.

Content: All the components to populate your site: wording, images, logos, documents etc.

Image Optimization: most images need to be prepared for web-pages to ensure they don't slow the page too much. Your pages must load quickly to keep your visitors attention.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Its great having a website but it's even better when your customers can find it with a few simple words in their favourite search engine!

Maintenance: This can often be on-going as your needs and market environment evolve.

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