direct client liaison. No middle men. No need for expensive flights or sitting in traffic. We use modern technology for point-to-point communication with you

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Project Management Liaison

To ensure you get the right looking website with strong focused content, we take care of you personally throughout your project.

We will request your approval for design concepts and where applicable we will ask you for pictures, wording & other content in workable formats as the job progresses. There's no middle-man. We build your site & deal direct with you.

In the age of online video conferencing, voice over internet, email & instant messaging, it's never been easier to discuss business without spending valuable time & money travelling by car & aeroplane or expensive international phone calls.

This has big advantages too. For example: speed, accuracy, sending & verifying documents, reliability, costs savings etc. So long as you have an internet capable device, like a desktop computer, laptop or mobile, we can work with you wherever you are in the world.

You can email us using: or instant message us if you have:
ICQ, MSN, Live Messenger, Trillian or Yahoo with the same address.

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